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Value Proposition


Are All Digital Retailing Tools Accurate?  No, they’re not.  But Connected Store is.  Auto retailing is not easy in the first place.  Doing it accurately online is harder.  But Connected Store has all the data you need to sell cars including

  • Taxes and Fees applicable to every zip+4 in the country
  • OEM Rebates with stackability rules
  • Live Rates and Residuals from the lenders you use
  • Direct Integration into CDK Websites, ELEAD, Desking, Credit and CDK CRM as well as other automotive CRM systems
Value Proposition


Connected Store is built by automotive retailing experts who know how profitable deals are made.  Its flexibility and configuration engine lets dealers apply their own business strategy to digital retailing.  It’s built to support nearly any pricing scenario, so dealers have complete control over profitability.

Value Proposition


Deals populate ELEAD and CDK Desking and CRM directly.  Speed up your sales process.  No more re-keying.  What happens when Digital Retailing is integrated?  It's Simple.  Deals that happen online happen on in your store too. 

Value Proposition


It’s your tool.  You're In Control.  Connected Store is white labeled and built for dealers.  It can support nearly any pricing scenario and Dealers have complete control over everything in Admin.  There is no CDK branding on the tool because it’s all about your business and your customers.

Value Proposition

Real Results

Connected Store is an Extremely Powerful Carrot for Shoppers.  Connected Store shopper engage the dealership with a lead up to 11x more often than typical website visitors and close to sale at a much higher rate than other lead submitters.