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Value Proposition

Responsive Websites

DealerOn's Responsive Websites deliver the optimal experience to your desktop and mobile customers.  We use Responsive Design (as opposed to Adaptive or Seamless) for the same reasons that Google recommends it:

  • SEO - Responsive is the only solution that doesn't require User Agent Detection that screws up Google’s bots when they crawl your site
  • Conversion - Google (after analyzing millions of sites via Analytics) has proved that Responsive is better for User Experience and Conversion
  • Ease of Management -- You don't need to create and manage Desktop, Mobile, Tablet versions of your website

Value Proposition

Higher Conversion, More Sales Opportunities

Maximize your leads with the highest-converting website platform in the retail automotive industry.  Give your customer the best experience possible with the responsive technology that we pioneered for the automotive industry.

Add additional features and services to further increase your leads.  We document your leads during the on-boarding process, so you know your exact ROI on your investment in your DealerOn website!

Value Proposition

Best SEO in the Industry

DealerOn's website platform provides the best-optimized out-of-the-box websites available in automotive.  DealerOn's websites are constantly updated to reflect Google's current best practices for all aspects of technical SEO, including URL structure, meta data, bread crumbs, XML sitemaps, structured data, etc.  We help you maximize your website traffic, leads, and sales for the qualified, in-market car buyers who are looking to buy or service a vehicle in your market.

Value Proposition

A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization

DealerOn prides ourselves on being THE automotive website provider focused on using data, metrics, and iterative testing to provide the maximum ROI for our dealer clients.

For the last ten years, we have been using the Google Analytics API, several A/B testing platforms, and our MASTER conversion framework to ensure all dealers materially increase their website leads and sales when they move to our platform from any other website provider in the industry.